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Hello guys I am Creator information Owenr. So guys aaj sooneeta ji ke baar me aap ko INFORMATION Deng. Jo ki ak youtuber gameing live streaming kerti hai.

Sooneeta Biography, age, free fire ID, Birthday

Real Name Sooneeta Thapa Magar
Nickname Sooneeta, Sunita
Profession YouTuber, Gamer
Language Known Hindi, Nepali & English
Date Of Birth 25th April 1996 (Thursday)
Age (as of 2022) 26 Years
Hobbies Drawing, Painting, Reading Books, Watching Movies, Listening to Music, Photography
Birthplace Nepalgunj, Nepal, South Asia
Religion Hinduism
Hometown Nepalgunj, Nepal, South Asia
ID Name TL-Sooneeta
Likes 50k+
Level 79
Guild Team-Lava
Height in Centimeters 163 cm

sooneeta Family and Relationship

suneeta ka janm 25 aprail 1996 (guruvaar) ko nepaalaganj, nepaal, dakshin eshiya mein ek madhyamavargeey nepaalee parivaar mein hua tha. usake parivaar mein usake sahit saat sadasy hain. unakee maata ka naam jal kumaaree thaapa magar hai. suneeta kee badee bahan ka naam aneeta thaapa aur chhotee bahan ka naam prateeksha thaapa hai. unaka ek bada bhaee bhee hai jisaka naam suman thaapa hai. suneeta ke parivaar ke baare mein jyaada jaanakaaree upalabdh nahin hai.

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sooneeta photo
sooneeta photo
sooneeta photo
sooneeta photo
sooneeta photo
sooneeta photo
sooneeta photo
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Sooneeta interview

I’m a girl,so housework is my responsibility. I must know how to cook and clean. To scrub and wash clothes. Cut the grass and tend to the goats. Because that is the norm. But it makes no differencethat you’re a girl. The most important thing iswhatever you choose to do,give it your heart and soul!Run, run, run… Okay!Sooneeta!Welcome back, Sooneeta.My room is calling me back. Okay. Okay. Hello, hello. Microphone is also working. Okay. 

So, guys, if you’re new to my channel,make sure to follow me. What is gaming, how you play,I had absolutely no clue about it!It happened quite unexpectedly. I grew up in a village,so I had no concept about life beyond. I didn’t know how harsh people around can be. And how tough it is, just to live. We had nothing at home. We lost our dad when we were very young. So our background was very weak. We went through a lot of hardships. There were days we had no food to eat. Because I lost my father youngthe drive to earn and look after my familybegan in me very early.

I wanted to get an internet connectionso that I could find an online job. In Kathmandu, there wasa lot of publicity about online jobs. That’s how I got to know about it. I took a loan from a friendto get an internet connection. And that’s how my journey began. I started earning moneyand gradually became quite independent. Hey, fatty, what are you doing here!You’re having tea again!Don’t you have any work to do?Stop hitting me. We were living in Kathmandu.My sister was also studying there. I started gaming there with friendsand learnt to play Free Fire. Sooneeta loved to watch usand asked me to teach her too.So I taught her how to play.- Guys, this is a two-is-to-one challenge!- Okay.

We’ll make you cry today.- Let’s go. Let’s go.- We’ll see. I learnt the game from my brotherand his friends. The simple, basic gameplay. When I first began to play,I was giddy like I was drunk!I had no idea what I was doing. But I had so much fun playingand hollering along with all of them. We didn’t have a proper device to play with. If you increased the brightnessthe phone would take off on its own. Often it would just hang. To begin with, we played just for fun. Then we made memes about Free Fire.I started gettinga lot of followers on those.

But then I figured,I don’t always have time to create memes.Why don’t I do a live stream?So I started going live. Hello, all of you! Hi, guys!Welcome to my stream. Hi!The first time my monetisation was activatedI got Rs 50,000!Oh, my God! This is a huge amount, right?Wow! Look at my magic wand!I played persistently day and night. Bit by bit, my game improved. And so I began to lookfor a career in this field. Let me check how many views I haveon the video I posted last night. Come here!It’s 10:56 a.m. in Nepal. I must freshen up quickly.

I have to practicefor the Gyan Gaming tournament.From 7:00 p.m. onwards, I have to dofour to five hours of live streaming. So, there’s a lot to do!A gamer’s life seems like an easy onefrom the outside. It looks like there’s no work to do,just play a bit. Take some content out of that,and enjoy life!It’s not like that. So my buddy is editing there.And he’s not expecting me at all. So let’s go and scare him. Good morning! What are you working on?Where have you got to, on the edit?Have a look at this clip. It’s looking good here. Show me, show me some good gameplay!If I want to just stream gameplay,anyone can do that!How can I do it differently?So, you need to focus on the content.

How do you make it creative on a daily basis?Making new content every day,it’s a very tough job!Hi, guys! Hi, all of you!Welcome to my new vlog once again!Today’s vlog is going to be really special. I have to stream for at least five hoursat a stretch. Even if I’m sore,I need to sit five hours in a chair. And then I need four or five hoursto practice with my friends. When do I eat! When do I sleep!There’s often no time for that. It’s not such an easy job!We didn’t even know about her channel!When she hit 50,000 subscribers,she told us about it then.So we searched onlineand that’s when we came to know. In the beginning, it was a lot of fun.But as the numbers increased,there were a lot of obstacles. People would say that I’m getting subscribersonly because I am a girl.

I practiced day and night. I aced my gameand started playing tournaments.Then they started saying,”It’s not Sooneeta who’s playing.”It’s her friend Akshaywho is playing from her account.”They abuse you if you don’t play. They abuse you when you do play. They always encourage boys to play.But they don’t support women at all.I used to cry a lot and took it all to heart. People use abusive languageso much that it’s hard to tolerate.

There came a stage where I almost gave up.I thought, “Why did I opt for this field?”It was a big mistake!”I should delete my accountand go back to a normal life.”This phase came too.

So what I’d like to tell everyoneis that never give up on anythingjust because you’re a girl. The most important thing isthat you live life on your own terms. You can’t catch me! I’m the winner!- You boys have lost.- Oh, we lost!I’ve had this competitive spiritsince I was a kid. I loved outdoor sports. I’ve skipped the pebble five times!What are you boys doing!

When I started gaming and live streamingI was constantly thinking abouthow I can make my movements faster. How can I makemy physical movements more nimble!I’m always trying to improve my game.Now she is better than me.She plays e-sportsand participates in big tournaments.

People from other countriesrecognise her as well. The first offer I got was from Indonesia. I was both excited and nervous.I had only been to my friends’ houses,not even to India. How would I travel to Indonesia!Bengal Tiger India!My sister has done us so proud!The people in our village are blown away. That a Nepali girl has done so well!They all want her to teach their sonsand daughters gaming. So this is where I was born and brought up. My husband died very early in life. My children were very young then.So I had to go abroad to earn.

I had no money to feed the kidsor educate them. So I went abroad in search of workand left them with my mother. We used to miss our mother a lot. I would imagine what she looked like.I was in the second gradewhen she left. I would dream of what she was doing. Of the gifts she would bring uslike other parents did. As a child, Sooneeta was very quiet. She would hardly talk to her friendsor interact with them. She wasn’t even close with anyone.

YouTube has made her chatty and outspoken!I never imaginedthat I would get an opportunity like this. I am very happy.I feel so proud of Sooneetawhen people seek her out.They come to take pictures with her. They want to take pictures with me too.It gives me a thrill. With her earnings,we’ve built a big house of our own. We’re no longer dependant on others. She has given me a new phone, a scooterand has gifted the house to me. I’ve had a very tough life.But my daughter has made up for itand given me so much joy.

A girl is no lesser than a boy.So I’m not going to stop here. I want to live up to the expectationsof those who support me.I will work hard and follow my passion. Even when I’m old and lose my teeth,you will find me right here. So will your children and your grandchildren. Because I will keep growingand living my dream. Go! Let’s go!Wait! Wait!I’m slipping. 



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